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Features Free Users Paid Users
Bookmark questions
Bookmark questions data saved for next visits
Do a quiz with only bookmarked questions
Do a quiz with only questions you have not met
Do a quiz with only questions you have answered incorrectly
Do a quiz with only bookmarked questions, questions you have not met before AND/OR questions you have answered incorrectly
Save Progress Function
Load Save Function
Access chapters apart from chapter 1
Timer count
Check Quiz Progress
Skip question
See quiz results

Features Introduction

Unlock to guarantee your success!

1. How many questions would you like to answer?
All – all the questions from the relevant module will be displayed
Let me choose – specify how many questions you want the quiz to include

2. Which chapters you’d like to go through?
You can choose a single chapter or multiple chapters.

3. Which questions you’d like to see?
Random – shuffle
(PRO) Specify → Bookmarked – Display only questions you bookmarked
(PRO) Specify → Not Met – Display only questions you have not seen
(PRO) Specify → Answered Wrong – Display only questions you have answered incorrectly
(PRO) Specify – You can select a single or multiple criteria to make a new quiz

Profession features to take your passing grade to the next level

4. Scores – number of questions you answered correctly / total number of questions answered
Score % – percentage of correct answers you get from all the questions in the quiz
Timer – total time you have spent in the quiz. Timer will resume when your progress is successfully saved and reloaded

5. Hint – Gives you tips on answering the question, such as where you can find the relevant concepts in the official study text

6. Bookmark – Save questions for future revision. You can revisit bookmarked questions later as long as your membership status is active.

7. Skip – skip the question for now. You can go back any time before you submit the whole quiz

8. Check Answer – Check if the answer you select for the question is correct

Easy and user friendly access

9. (PRO) Save as new – save the quiz as a new attempt so you can revisit next time through “Saved Quizzes”. Please note that you can have maximum 5 saves each account. You could have more than 1 save on one module.

(PRO) Save and close – save the quiz and revisit next time

10. (PRO) Saved Quizzes – Load the quizzes you have “saved as new”. Saved quizzes will disappear once the quiz is submitted. You can always utilise the “Specify → Bookmarked” and/or “Specify → Answered Wrong” functions to review questions you are not familiar with.

Validity – the product is only usable for 30 days each purchase. All questions from chapters apart from chapter 1 will no longer be accessible if the membership status is expired, including bookmark data, unless membership is renewed.